We have know each-other a long time now!

If we have learn’t anything from this current Federal Government it’s that Independents can have much more say, power, and influence when it comes to creating new or changing current legislation than a party backbencher has,but it’s how we use that power and influence which is important!

You and I have known each-other for a long-time now 23 years with Win News Capricornia, ABC Radio Capricornia, the Morning Bulletin Capricornia  and of course cruising the mighty Fitzroy River together. 

This Election please think about the issue’s not the Party or the Politics.

You may remember I stood my ground on the need for a Radiation Oncology Unit for Capricornia now I’d like to do the same for our Farmers and protect they’re right’s and they’re farms from the Coal Seem Gas Industry which has the potential to destroy not only they’re land but also the water-table beneath the land.

We also need to protect our rivers from mine water contamination the Federal Government needs to over-ride the State on this one!

Changes are needed to the way in-which child support is calculated currently it’s based on how much you earn as opposed to how much it actually costs to raise a child why should a man or woman pay more to bring-up they’re child just because they earn more, it doesn’t make sense!

More and better work opportunities are needed for Indigenous people to ensure that just like the rest of us they-to have a reason to get out of bed in the morning!

The above are the main issue’s which I feel reflect the thought’s of many people across Capricornia and I hope you feel as passionate as I do to make sure we see changes that will benefit all of us.

Please think of me on Election Day September 7th coz I am sure thinking of you!





Contaminated Mine water releases need Federal Intervention!


Here we are yet again being told by a Newspaper (not the Authorities) that once again Coal Mines here in Capricornia have as always simply thumbed they’re noses at the State Government and once again pumped contaminated mine water into ‘our’ river system during a ‘non-flow’ period in the river which is of course a serious (yeah right) breach of the State’s Mine water release program which Jeff Seaney brags about being such a HUGE SUCCESS !

The only people it is a ‘HUGE SUCCESS’ for is the Mining Companies in this latest instance 12 Mines breached Environmental Conditions and pumped they’re heavy mental waste contaminates into ‘our’ drinking and Agriculture water and just what did they get fined for these serious breaches!

$2,200.00 each can you believe that! some driving infringements attract a fine like that en-yet these multi National Companies which deal in the ‘Billions of $$$’ get fined a pittance and will continue to break the Law as they have done on numerous occasions in the past, and why wouldn’t they when they know full well the amount of the fine will be nothing more than some ‘petty cash’!

It’s high time the Federal Government stepped in here and over-ruled the State Government on this issue before it’s to late and we no-longer have a healthy river system, if you seriously care about being able to take your kids fishing and crabbing let alone being able to drink the water from the once Mighty Fitzroy River then help me to do something about it, give me your vote on Election Day and I will go to bat for you, remember this is an issue which effects (all) of us in one way or another.

It’s our given right to have clean, healthy water to drink free from heavy metals if we give-up that right then we will all suffer the health consequences!

Come on…. I need your help here!











Bruce Diamond for Capricornia…. Hi and welcome.


The following issue’s effect all of us in one-way or another and need to be addressed at a Federal Level.

  • The need for Federal intervention to force Coal Mines to treat they’re contaminated pit water before it’s pumped into our River’s.
  • A holt to all Coal Seam Gas project’s until we have conclusive proof that the practice of ‘Fraking’ is safe and not detrimental to our under-ground water supply!
  • Change the current Federal Legislation which determines how Child support payments are calculated they should be based on how much it actually costs to raise a child not on how much you earn!
  • Urgent funding for the Bruce Highway including flood-proofing various sections through-out Capricornia.
  • Legislate mandatory minimum sentencing for violent crime and repeat crime offenders,what we have now is not a deterrent and the amount of violent crime especially towards woman is unacceptable.
  • Support Indigenous people who want to improve they’re Education and living standards resulting in more and better employment oppurtunities.

Hopefully you agree with the above and are as passionate about addressing these issue’s as I am!

Between now and the Federal Election you will have a good idea of what I am about and what has motivated me to stand for the seat of Capricornia,why I feel I am very capable of doing justice to the position if elected,and what is my motivation!

Many of you would be familiar with who I am and my association with Central Queensland/Capricornia since the early 80′s during which time I have worked for:

  • Win T.V anchoring the evening news across Capricornia for 23 years.
  • Presented Radio programs on both ABC-Capricornia and 4RO.
  • written extensively for the Morning Bulletin Newspaper across Capricornia.
  • Owned/operated several small businesses in Capricornia.

      As you can see I am certainly no stranger to Capricornia at all.

I am very aware of the entire region it’s diversity and it’s needs an awareness which I feel is imperative if I or anyone for that matter is going to represent the people of Capricornia in a successful manner.

As you know we currently have a hung Parliament in a minority Government  which in theory is really the ultimate as it allows for true Democracy and ensures true debate with outcomes which would in some cases not be possible in a majority ruled Parliament.

This current situation with Independents has demonstrated and proved beyond any doubt that Independent’s do have power they can achieve things of great importance but it’s how they use that power which is important and in this instance the current sitting independents have miss-used it unwisely and not in the best interests of the Country but rather in their own best interest and survival which is a shame as it leaves a sour taste in the mouths of many voters including mine.

Please do not to compare me with the like’s of Tony windsor, Rob Oakshot or wilkie from Tassie all of them have been monumental failures but as you know there are some excellent Independents currently in Federal and State Politics so it’s not all bad news on that front at all!

I am very interested to hear your thought’s on what I have to say and what you think is important so please let me know by leaving me a message via this blog which I will be up-dating daily or feel free to email me: bruce4cap@gmail.com , I look forward to continuing the discussion here on a day to day basis as we head toward this very important election in the not to distant future.

There are so-many things we need to do and I am just the person to get the job done but I need your support the things I have mentioned at the top of the page are very important issue’s which have ramifications for not only all of us here and now but for generation’s to come so if you really care as I am sure you do about your families future health and prosperity then please give what I have to say some serious thought and consideration and hopefully your vote on Election Day!

Regards Bruce.